Sunday, September 9, 2007

how to get (some) things for free

Well, first look for the TrialPay logo on the merchant site. Do they have one? Yep -- you're lucky, read on! Select your product(s) from merchant site then choose TrialPay as payment. They will ask you to select another product from their portfolio and they will give you for free the one(s) you choose from the merchant. The catch? Try to find a product from TrialPay portfolio which can be used at no cost, or can be trialled for free a certain period of time, then cancel the registration. You'll get your desired product for free. I got my Trillian Pro for free thanks to an subscription ;-)

PS. You might have to give your credit card details in the process... so, proceed with care :-)

Update: other software I recommend (via TrialPay): Outpost Firewall and AcdSee 9