Tuesday, October 16, 2007

(time) waste o meter

I bet your time is a precious thing, who's isn't? :-) but have you ever counted how much time you spend on the Net chatting with friends or browsing?

Willing to compare that against the time spent on the computer while producing something useful or even working? (yeah, your boss will love these stats :-)

Now you have the tool. You can define productivity percentages per running application and get amazed by the results. The application it's still in early stages, but the developer would be glad to hear from you, whether it's a bug or a feature request.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

about online payments

At some point in your Internet life you'll need to send or receive money, but what service should you use for that purpose?

Friends might steer you towards PayPal, which might (... not!) be an option, given their proven record of customer happiness and devotion. If (for some reason) you choose to stick with them: a) don't EVER link your bank account with them, b) pay attention to their (by default enabled) conversion rate (adds a 2.5% fee to your payments in another currency) - disable it and let your bank handle this - they're better at it, plus they'll do it for free, c) add your own piece of advice here.

If you're done with PayPal (which I hope you are by now :-), maybe MoneyBookers will catch your eye (1% or at most €0.5 for sending money, free for receiving, escrow option). Last, but not least - don't keep your money too long in these "online" accounts! The bank is always a safer bet :-)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

xname.org down (again) due to DDoS attack

One wise guy once said: don't keep all your eggs in the same basket! Well, I came to realize it at the beginning of this week when my (free) DNS hosting provider went down (in flames) due to several hours of DDoS attack on their servers. Few domains I'm hosting with them (including this one :-) took a bit of early holiday :-)

This seems to be the second (big) attack on their infrastructure, preceded by this one. Overall XName gives you an excellent (free) service all year around, but in order to be extra safe it's wise to have a tertiary DNS somewhere else... Just in case something bad happens again :-/

Update: about 66420 domains/sites were (? maybe not all) affected by the downtime.
Update2: since 10 October 2007 XName has tertiary DNS available to its customers :-)