Sunday, November 4, 2007

hdd divx player

Oops, I've been quite busy lately - but not that busy to spend some (quality? :-) time with one my favorite toys (see picture). It's an enclosure for an 2.5" PATA HDD (commonly found in laptops).

What's so special about it? It can slide show your pictures, play your audio files (mp3, ogg, etc), but most importantly it plays your divx AVIs :-) Output can be your computer CRT or analog TV.

It comes in a package that includes cables, screw driver, remote control and a small guide. Just mount your laptop HDD in there, plug it to your TV/CRT and start enjoying your media files.

- once USB is connected, you cannot use it for playing (it would have been a great feature to be able to feed/update content to this device via PC while still watching media files).
- HDDs must be partitioned in slices of maximum 30GB (FAT32 supported), PATA only!
- for about $43 (including shipping in my case :-) it gives you a great bang for your buck :-)


Anonymous said...

How about with the performance of the movies? Any problems while play different formats?

tester said...

I played only avi/divX and the performance is fair = a few movies will loose A/V sync if fast forward is used, but jumping to a specific time will fix it :-)

since I had no problems with avi/divX I didn't dig in the details= which divx version/codec works which doesn't

but if you want to be sure how a certain format is played, please google the specs (maybe I'll post full specs someday also here) and if it is supported by the unit, just send me some demo video files with that codec and I'll let you know how well it plays...