Wednesday, December 12, 2007

how Google Maps for mobile with My Location works

Few weeks ago, Google has released a new version of Google Maps for mobile which incorporates a nifty feature - My Location (now in beta). Location services are no news to the mobile area where several vendors are competing to sell their solutions to operators, which in turn charge users for the service (if the customer's mobile phone supports location services, that is)

But, there's news for them: Google was able to avoid both the vendors and operators (as in no $$ for you) using an ingenious design. They've launched Google Maps for mobile late last year, tracked the cell towers power signals and map them on GPS coordinates (when provided by the end-user external GPS receiver) since then.

And what are they offering now? (based on the acquired data)
Approximate location for everyone not having an GPS receiver :-)

And the real (location services) killer app will be an open API to GMM My Location in order for the other/all mobile applications to be able to geo-locate and provide local services.

PS. I doubt Google put any disclaimer in their original GMM to inform their users that the application might/will send GPS coordinates and other (non-personal) data to Google servers. Yeah, Don't be Evil Google (way to go... NOT!)