Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Pirate Bay - is it legal or not?

News broke the other day that The Pirate Bay will have soon(er or later) its day in court. That's really good news for MPAA &friends, but what the analyst has failed to realize (or underscore) is the strong/popular support that TPB enjoys in Sweden. I wasn't quite sure about it, until I ran into this one: 13 members of the Swedish Parliament are trying to put forward a law that will make non-commercial file sharing legal. Well, something to worth watching in 2008...

Friday, January 4, 2008 status/DNS monitoring now online

Well, well, well... if you remember this outage, something bad has happened again. Our lovely DNS provider was on a holiday break, this time for about 12h - and no one tells (to this date) anything about it. It hurt a bit, but we are over it.

Moreover, we are monitoring them now with Pingdom. There's a "ping" check ticking every minute on ns0 and a "dns" check on ns0 (verifies a test zone if answered properly) also every minute. If in doubt (is it really up/down?), just go to status monitoring and you'll find it out immediately.

PS. You can contribute to this (pet) monitoring project by allocating some of your Pingdom checks to the other XName servers (ns1, ns2) or by contacting me, with a small donation - in order to setup more checks :-)

Update: ok, they did tell... 1 or 2 days later...

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