Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MOTOrola down the drain

(or one of the stars falls from the sky)

Is quite unusual to hear harsh comments about the managing board (or CEO for that matter) of a big company, but today you just got lucky :-) Lets taste a bit the chilli(ng) MOTO sauce:

  • entire profit machine was run by the company's CMO -- not the rest of the company's executives, who are as inept now as they have ever been
  • Zander, who seemed to care more about his golf score
  • apparently different from the rest of the incompetent senior executive
  • Your lack of understanding of the consumer side of Motorola... shows how much you value the safety of your incompetence
Affirmations made by the man (Numair Faraz) who stood behind the CMO during the golden RAZR days.

PS. makes you wonder who the h-ll is running those heavily traded companies, or how inept to be in order to spin off 2/3 of your company, when prior art/FreeScale shows you failing?

PPS. or why the f--k should you care when you can get a $30M golden parachute for dismissal?!