Thursday, May 29, 2008

use your mobile as an WLAN access point

How to connect your laptop to the Internet, when there is no WLAN around?

Well, you can start by using the phone's supplied application(s) that usually are able to open the GPRS/3G channel once your laptop is connected by wire or Bluetooth to the phone. But, how about if you want more?

How about if you're in a meeting (or far away with your friends) and you're the only/lucky one with an 3G capable device, but you all need Internet connectivity? What do you do then?

Well, you install JoikuSpot Light of course :-) And this toy will create an WLAN access point on top of your GPRS/3G data channel (assuming your phone is WLAN capable as well). You can setup WEP security or just go Open WLAN, tunnel SSH over HTTP (if you really insist) but there are also some limitations you should learn about.

PS. Too bad the toy is unable to create the WLAN over an WAP access point :-)