Friday, June 20, 2008

Fiat 500 versus Smart ForTwo

This month I got the opportunity to drive an Fiat 500/Smart ForTwo for about 10e/5e a day in a country where the public transport costs you about 3e per an hour. The catch? The car is covered by nice adverts (it doesn't look far from an Christmas tree, but it's cool, that I can tell you for sure :-)

Anyway, lets look some other day into their business (model) and run a quick comparative list (err, forgot to mention, I'm not a pro-driver, more like a beginner/rookie one and since my pro-driver is busy doing some consultancy work for others, you have to live with it)

The Fiat 500 (2008)

+ 4 seater
+ power steering
+ manual gearbox (close to the driving wheel, sweet :-)
+ air conditioning (update: maybe it was broken on my test car, but it is there :-)
+ nice sound system (not fully tested, busy driving, still better than in the Smart :-)

The Smart ForTwo (2008)

- 2 seater (heh)
- no power steering
+ automatic gearbox
+ air conditioning

Needless to say (as a rookie) I like the Smart a bit more (in the city). You can park it almost anywhere (btw: the rented cars come with their already paid parking place downtown, beat that :P), you don't have to change gears, you feel and you are cool at all times :-) But, I favour the Fiat when going out of the city (at least the wind doesn't blow you out of the highway :-)

PS. Too bad I forgot to take (some) pictures with the Smart, they'll come in another (sunny) day :-)