Wednesday, July 30, 2008

how to measure your evilness (against Google)

Well, in measurements you always need a reference unit (be it meter, kg, liter, etc) and a precision (-1%, +2%, etc). Have them and you can go out and play...

But is there a reference unit for evilness?! You're about to find it out... Of course there is, it's Google with its own "don't be evil!" slogan/BS. But how do you use it, how do you measure against it? Well, it's fairly simple: you use one of their services, lets take for instance AdSense to show their ads on your pages and guess what? It's an auto sensing measurement! If they consider anything on your pages as being *evil*, you'll find it out quite fast (via email).

What's the precision of it? Well, well, well, the sky is the limit, but we live on Earth, so... it can be really low. They take crowd input (and if you did your math in school you might have learned about crowd IQ), then it gets reviewed by pigeons (err, not quite, the staff might be IQ potent, at least the urban legend goes like that), then some magic mambo-jumbo and... bang, you're evil!