Sunday, July 13, 2008

wuala invitations - online p2p network storage

This might be your last chance to be an early adopter of Wuala (private beta, still invite only) and get some free network storage = +1GB per friend you invite, before they open the shop as public beta testing (when everyone can create their own account and compete for free storage with you :-)

Or, you can buy your way in via prepaid online network storage, the planned offer looks like:

  • 10 GB (for 15 EUR per year)
  • 50 GB (for 60 EUR per year)
  • 100 GB (for 100 EUR per year)
  • 500 GB (for 400 EUR per year)
  • 1 TB (for 640 EUR per year)
So, grab one of the invitations below, install java, install the wuala client (win/mac/linux), type in the invitation code, invite your friends and save at least €15 per year in online storage costs :-)

PS. Speeds are torrent like, both for upload and download, your wire is the limit... unlike conventional network storage solutions where upload/download speed depends on the internet connection of the storage provider and the server(s) they employ. Plus, with Wuala your files are encrypted locally before they are saved in the p2p network, something you won't find with others.

After you install the client, you'll be asked one secret invitation code - choose one from here:
unfair15suffer page69through hoop34tomato grasshopper43many thirsty7library stick42armful into0seen bathe16lookout draw41hey peaceful39must mow19train order43tax serve70stop acts38have explain67feed outlaw32stream fact16thanks cart95terrible clothing6tobacco soldier32soldier hem63book ladder61axe under56cradle meadow51outdoors many15running gum83fits end20steam sweet67before hers8handle awhile66except mean69saddle band91study divide34seen brick96warm star39brush aid17dam major67clever blue28frown meet22rapidly those13farmer officer54shepherd raise70flashlight tar79nearby hot41start terrible70price felt44fear childhood6passenger instead38quickly shining58handwriting perhaps73someone dead33kept witch16proper bran16pup jail70desert bet90rubber shine36square fall73rose lightning24only footprint3low bathtub45alley bookkeeper37tardy what61downstairs lose98spot citizen91quarter champion25popped airplane26clover tip22chicken chief3before thursday33prune catcher51rock tin68hill size84cuff organ87honor


Unknown said...

1. Download & install Wuala
2. Create a new user at the registration dialogue
3. Enter any code from list as invitation code
4. Optionally replace the given email address by an own in step three. Finished. Much fun!