Wednesday, August 13, 2008

small versus big in the corporate world

Ok, so you're done with studying and you want to go productive (as in salary, independent, self sufficient, etc). What do you do, do you go for A) small company or B) the big one?

At this point (since you're a freshman) you have NFI (=no-f-ing-idea), but let me give you some (way)points :-)


  • whatever you do, it will be easier (for others) to see/compensate/value
  • usually they pay better
  • you get to learn new things, rather quick :-)
  • you get to know (as in making friends) the people
  • you're moving the company forward!
  • ever get lost in the forest?
  • most of the time you end up paying for the privilege of working there, not the other way around
  • you'll learn the magic word called routine, rather quick :-)
  • you get to know (as in meet/see) LOTS of people, because for whatever (new thing) you want to do you have to get/request approval, find the one(s) that can help you or give you the green light, let others know that you're doing it (so that they won't do it too :-), etc
  • you won't believe how FUBAR(=f-ed-up-beyond-any-recognition) is the organization (or its bureaucracy), therefore
  • social engineering/connectivity is your best friend
  • if you measure your achievements by the stars on your shoulder, then this is the place to be

So, which one is it going to be? :-)