Tuesday, September 23, 2008

is Symbian going to sucksid or not?

I'd like to comment on an older story I haven't touch since. Yep, it's about The Other Big Blue (from the North): Nokia managed to score 40% market share for the last quarter, fully owns now Symbian and pledged to make it open (source?) in 2 years time.

Quite a move (in defensive?) from them (and a bit late if you ever heard of Linus Torvalds, his works and origins), but it's the 2 years part that can get them into trouble. Lets look at one year timeframe (the past year):
  • Apple came from "nobody" in the telecom arena to a significant player with its iPhone(s) and AppStore turning heads (and maybe rolling some heads as well, but that's another story :-)
  • Google baked the shinny, multipurpose (make no mistake about it, it's meant to run on devices from mobile phones, to your big screen TV, to even your car) open OS named Android which can be seen these days in the wild (on T-Mobile/HTC G1, see below)
So, are you/Nokia giving these guys (Apple+Google) another 2 More Years?!

Update: Android pre-sale devices sold out, Nokia might uncover something on October 2nd.


Anonymous said...

I just love that sucksid joke :))

We're not gonna die, just yet :)