Saturday, January 31, 2009

Google's Epic Fail

I was a bit busy sipping a beer and chatting about Google, okidoki? :-) so I missed this epic fail, but now I'm staying still and wonder: how can you claim you have the brightest working for you, when your core business can fail for the stupidest of them all: input validation. top 25 programming errors (ever) describes the top spot quite well:
It's the number one killer of healthy software, so you're just asking for trouble if you don't ensure that your input conforms with expectations.

So funny how the small autodestroy button of a big ship can be placed in the hands of an external party, so much for the bots. I guess Google's interviewing (step-by-step) process should now start with: 0. if bot, skip

Update: after all, it seems Google fubar-it alone, blamed others then retracted. Interesting, even more.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the state of the language in the Romanian state

There used to be a continual stream of smart people leaving Romania (I guess it still happens) and the side effects of it were hidden for a while (at least to me), but not anymore...

Having a bit of time on my hands (and annoyed by the Romanian banks) I decided to write to the Romanian National Bank (BNR, bank regulator), then to the Ombudsman's Office (ANPC) and ask for clarifications. The result was that they don't give a fuck (yeah, no -- or **, I really mean it) about the EU regulations and what the local banks are doing), plus their incompetence / language skills has hit the roofs / rocks already.

Quoting from BNR's answer (undersigned by 2 directors):
Conform regulilor Uniunii Europene, regulamentele emise de Parlamentul European şi de către Consiliu sunt acte normative de directă aplicare, nefiind permisă transpunerea acestora în legislaţia naţională.
It seems they had to consult some foreign language document before answering, but their translator left the building long time ago (maybe to EU?) so they had to go with one of the cleaners (did they stop her from sweeping the halls?!). What she did was to translate (what might have been originally): not required into not allowed (using the wrong mop/synapse)

Quoting from ANPC's answer (undersigned by 1 director):
Totodata, va comunicam faptul ca ANPC a initiat un proiect de Hotarare de Guvern prin care v-a fi desemnata Autoritatea responsabila cu supravegherea respectarii acestui regulament
Looks like the cleaner strikes back, this time while on the job at ANPC and forgets to spell check the (director's) answer properly.

And a piece of advice to the Romanian directors: when you reach this level of incompetence, just hire 2 secretaries. Obviously our "friends" above had only one (the entertainment one). Be smart, hire another one to do the real job while the first one keeps you busy. Don't be an a--!

PS. I do think that the communication between parties is private, so I won't publish their names (without consent)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

worth watching

The Pirate Bay is soon on trial in Stockholm (during Feb-Mar 2009) and Warner Bros & friends just got more friends (in an YouTube vs WMG saga)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the Oops moments

(big) Oops: I moved my FeedBurner account to Google, to discover later how their best recruited/brain/IQ tested pigeons/monkeys/bots royally FUBAR it, hence my feed is dead :'(

(small) oops: while playing with the new (for me), I noticed that I might be able to insert ads into my feed, which I shouldn't be allowed to, maybe due to: bad, bad me? anyway, thank you guys: you're really the generation pro!

(funny) oops: while dialing a bit ago to US I was about/ready to say: "Hi! Do you speak English please?" (yeah, my English, not yours :o)

PS. I'm not quite into ads, I just want to spread my AdBlocker love :-)