Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the Oops moments

(big) Oops: I moved my FeedBurner account to Google, to discover later how their best recruited/brain/IQ tested pigeons/monkeys/bots royally FUBAR it, hence my feed is dead :'(

(small) oops: while playing with the new (for me) feedburner.google.com, I noticed that I might be able to insert ads into my feed, which I shouldn't be allowed to, maybe due to: bad, bad me? anyway, thank you guys: you're really the generation pro!

(funny) oops: while dialing a bit ago to US I was about/ready to say: "Hi! Do you speak English please?" (yeah, my English, not yours :o)

PS. I'm not quite into ads, I just want to spread my AdBlocker love :-)