Friday, March 20, 2009

some stats for shared vs dedicated hosting vs free dns

For the past year I've been monitoring via Pingdom one dedicated server, one shared server from DreamHost and a free DNS server I'm using for my hobby/pet projects. The results are not that scary (well, it depends how tough are you :-), still they shed some lights on your options when it comes to hosting.

First, lets look at service performance agains simple tests

DreamHost - shared hosting - one line echo() .php script

Pretty crappy for half a year, huh? :-)

The dedicated server - one line echo() .php script

The dedicated server (US) fared better (just watch the slowest average)

But the free DNS service is a complete nightmare (one name->ip query)

Then the network conectivity: answering ping requests.

DreamHost - shared hosting

Responses from the dedicated server (US) - slightly better

Responses from the free DNS server (EU) - about the same

Global uptime, free DNS (for this one is more like global downtime :-)

Global uptime, DreamHost - shared hosting

And the crown goes to: Global uptime, the dedicated server

PS. Yeps, I'm again late with this report. You should see my drafts / todo list  :-)


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