Tuesday, July 28, 2009

how to use Google Voice from abroad

Remember how to watch Hulu from abroad?

It gets even better, now with Google's Voice :-)

This how-to requires of bit more work, energy and maybe commitment ($$), but I'll keep it short, I don't want to bother you with the technical details (sic).

You'll need:

+ Google's invitation to the service (it helps if you enroll :-)
+ the "Hulu setup" (Opera, SecureConnect, SSH access)

(then it gets interestingly harder)

+ US DID number (googling "free DID" should help)
+ Asterisk setup to hook the DID into and pass the call to...
+ your VoIP client (the free X-Lite comes to mind)

Then type your DID in Google's Voice,
answer the incoming test call,
key in the test PIN and you're set

PS. many thanks to my * friend (you know who you are :-)