Thursday, July 9, 2009

how to watch Hulu from abroad

Well, it might not be that easy & cheap to do it, but lets march / dream on :-)

You'll need

+ VPS or better in the USA (or just SSH access :-)
+ a bit of luck to get the evaluation for SSH Tectia ConnectSecure
+ decent browser (that's easy, isn't it? :-)

The ConnectSecure evaluation will expire after 45 days, but if you're reading this I'm sure you have enough money to fork / buy your own copy. The magic is worth the investment since ConnectSecure will allow you to transparently tunnel any of your applications (Windows or Linux :-) across the water so that they'll feel "at home" over there.

Enough talking, lets jump to the meat of the problem - the configuration

create a new profile, you'll need a hostname and an SSH account

go to Filter Rules and select the application to be "teleported"

optionally you can disable the small security popup shown during operation

then you can Get Happy :-)


Musta Haque said...

can is be done on a mac??
if so can you please help on which apps to use

Life Tester said...

AFAIK ConnectSecure is not ported to Mac

but you can always install a virtual machine (with XP or CentOS) on your Mac and have ConnectSecure +Opera maybe running fine there :-)

still, I haven't tested it...

Anna said...

I use usa vpn account on my iPad to watch Hulu from outside the USA. It works good.