Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where is Google/Android heading?

Powered by a large gold minting machine (its advertising & search business), Google runs the most power efficient datacenters, indexes your world, listens to you, virtualizes your mobile, puts you on the map and many other things (to come). What is Google up to? really...

Imagine a world where everything is connected, imagine a world where your (Android) mobile phone dials home and starts the owen, makes the coffee, orders the missing groceries from the shop (wait, the Android powered fridge will do that :-)

Surreal? Not really.

How about speaking to your own android, giving him/her instructions, asking for advice. Is it far fetched? Not really.

The cloud will do all the magic, will be the soul in your small appliances if they are underpowered. The cloud will know more about you than you ever will, but it will (always?) be on your side. Assisting, Helping, Advicing. Far fetched? Yes.

Still, doable. And Google is the front-runner...
The next 10 years will prove me wrong, or maybe not :-)


Alexandru said...

In Cloud we Trust!