Sunday, March 7, 2010

ASL as an Introduction

There's a time in your life when ASL means: Age, Sex, Location... (a sort of "Hi!" on the IRCs :)

But then you grow up, settle down and engage in OO programming practices that will override some of your initial methods. In our case, that's ASL which nowadays means: American Signing Language.

You might throw away those Baby Einstein DVDs, even if a few of them are quite interesting (i.e. "Meet the Orchestra"), but Signing Time is a keeper :-)

Plus, they're introducing this year the Sign of the Week: free flashcards for you to download (and print at home), short teaching videos for each sign. Thank You Rachel & co !!

The story behind the Signing Time program is moving, but most important are the results. Still, it makes you stop and wonder why the signing language is not standardized (worldwide) and the ones who need it most face another communication barrier. Yeah, the world we live in is (still) a jungle...